When “Normal” is Perfectly Asperger’s

20 Oct

Four weeks ago, a fight broke out in one of my groups. On the day this transpired, I blogged about the boys’ attempts to protect me (I had recently had surgery) as firm proof for the doubters of AS and empathy. Today, one month later, the boys are still dealing with the aftershocks: curse words, violence, a containment plan, a safety plan that has me — their fearless leader — “down for the count” (as they describe it), and the “us” versus “him” mentality that has emerged.

The boy who was the target of the initial blows has been particularly articulate about this situation, offering not only his take on the events but also his thoughts on how to prevent the issue again. Today, though, his most recent comment was brilliant in ways he could never know at his young age of 1o.

“You guys, we are all pretty normal in this group…[murmurs of “yeah…” and “except for…”] Two weeks ago, I became scared, tried to protect myself, shutdown, and couldn’t talk. That was my Asperger’s.” Without skipping a beat, one of the other boys responded, “And that’s a perfectly normal response in that situation. ”

What was perfectly “normal” was perfectly Asperger’s. What was perfectly Asperger’s was perfectly “normal”. This can’t be an isolated realization, right? Please, share your perfectly normal, perfectly Asperger’s moment.

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Posted by on October 20, 2010 in ASD in the Grand Scheme, NTs on ASD


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