The Power of Words: “How will you use your power?”

27 Sep

“149 talk about the 1 with autism. They are the 1. We take a break. They go off task. We have hobbies. They self stim. We change our minds. They have short attention spans.”

So begins The Power of Words: How We Talk about People with Autism Spectrum Disorders Matters! written by Judy Endow, MSW, an individual on the autism spectrum and a parent of a grown son on the autism spectrum, The Power of Words thoughtfully draws from her own life experiences in a 12-minute DVD. Her son Daniel composed and performed the background music in The Power of Words.

“When you have autism you are not suppossed to voice a different opinion, and if you do – they say you are non-compliant.”

“I’m not allowed to insist. I have autism. I tantrum.”

“Perhaps a person with autism is not allowed to love anyone.”

“Is it bad of me to want friends?”

“I don’t care. I love my fixation.”

“What is normal?”

“How will you use your power?”

I’m using my power to compel you to check out this DVD.

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Posted by on September 27, 2010 in Educating the NTs


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