Don’t Forget All the Shades of the Spectrum

12 Sep

I had the honor of attending an Autism Awareness Walk today. As I watched families walk around, pushing strollers, picking up flyers, walking hand in hand, and dancing to music, a bizarre thought crossed my mind: Few individuals with Asperger Syndrome were in attendance.

I began to think back on all of the walks I have attended, and I began to realize that today’s walk was not an anomaly. But why? My first, and truly only explanation, is cause for pause.

At this point, I believe that the community understands the idea of a spectrum, although they may not know its shades. The community is beginning to be more familiar with the symptoms of autism, the need for early intervention, and the complexities of autism. The community is coming together.

Then, there are those other shades along the spectrum — Aspburgers? PDDNO-What? Not as much information has been spread. Not as many activities spotlight. The pace of information has not been equal.

As I sat at my vendor table, I joked about creating an Asperger Awareness Walk. Maybe it shouldn’t be a joke?


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